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It directed by captain Shawn McEachern, and with the Cornell hockey Atlanta Thrashers schedule memory of they Give Snyder in its mind, the Thrashers jumped quickly out of the doors with some notable peak points. Super offenseman Ilya Kovalchuk scraped eight goals in the first seven play, inclusive two contrivances of the hat, one in a 7-2 complete rout of the Chicago Blackhawks and another in a comes from behind from the victory against the Nashville Predators. Those victories of the return came they be a periodic view through the season, inclusive frightening Cornell hockey Atlanta Thrashers schedule misfortunes against the Toronto Maple Leafs, against the Boston Bruins, and against the Senators of Ottawa, as well as the victories of play against the Los Angeles Kings and the New York Islanders.


Eleven play in the season, the Thrashers was alone in first place over both the Division of the southeast the NHL. Although they continued to play well, they would not be able to be keep up with with the Lightning of the Bay of Tampa , with the eventual champions of Stanley Cup, neither with other teams in the league. The absence of Heatley and a lack of the depth begun to appear. The Day of San Esteban 2003 marked a dark and brilliant day for the Spree . In that day, Heatley skated for the first time since its accident of traffic with Snyder, but with marked also the last victory for the Thrashers before a to lose prolonged ray. Of December 28 to February 11 the Thrashers was a 1-17-3 depressing. Nevertheless, the fans were entertained in spite of the fights of the team. Kovalchuk came be only the second Thrashers’ player to border in the NHL the Play all stellar (after Heatley), an exciting loss of extraordinary time to the Cornell hockey Atlanta Thrashers schedule Detroit Red Wings occurred in the Old Night, the Boor Robitaille broke Brian ray of victory of Boucher, Dany Heatley returned finally to the action of the play, and to a quarrel of twelve-man against the Edmonton Oilers happened. The ray that loses finally finished with a 4-1 victory against the Vancouver Canucks.


While the Thrashers’ the hopes of ends were facts by the year, they played still in and they finished for finishing second in the Division of the southeast and tenth in the Oriental Conference, only a handful of victories far from the ends. Kovalchuk finished for tying for the league introduces the goals (41) with Jarome Iginla and the Haystack Nash. The goalkeeper Kari Lehtonen began its career of NHL with four victories in four beginnings, inclusive a victory.


2005-06 recapitulation of the season


Before the beginning of the 2005-06 season, the Thrashers collected many players of veteran in the hopes to do the ends for the first time. They signed Mike Dunham, Peter Bondra, the Bobby Holik, Jaroslav Modry, and Scott Mellanby. They traded Dany Heatley in August 23, 2005, to the Senators of Ottawa, in an I try bomb for Marian Hossa and defenseman forward Greg of Vries. # The player Gets It acquired Place of birth

1 Flag of Sweden Johan Hedberg L 2006 Leksand , Sweden

32 Flag of Finland Kari Lehtonen L 2002 Helsinki , Finland


# The Renuevosde Player Acquired the place of birth

2 Flag of Canada Exelby Maroon L 1999 Craik , Saskatchewan

5 Flag of Canada Steve McCarthy L 2006 They drag, Columbia English

7 Flag of Canada Greg of Vries L 2005 Sundridge , Ontario

25 Flag of Canada Andy Sutton L 2002 Kingston , Ontario

28 Flag of Sweden Niclas Havelid – A L 2004 Stockholm , Sweden

34 Flag of Canada Shane Hnidy R 2005 Neepawa, Manitoba


# The Renuevosde the Posiciónde Player Acquired Place of birth

9 Flag of the Glen of Canada Metropolit C/RW L 2006 Toronto , Ontario

11 Flag of Canada J.P. Vigier RW Cornell hockey Atlanta Thrashers schedule R 2001 Lady of Notre of Lourdes, Manitoba

12 Flag of Canada Denis Hamel LW L 2007 Lachute, Quebec

13 Flag of Russia Vyacheslav Kozlov – A LW L 2002 Voskresensk , Russia

14 Flag of Canada Jon Sim RW L 2006 New Glasgow , Nova Scotia

16 Flag of Bobby of Czech Republic Holik – A C R 2005 Jihlava, the Czech Republic

17 Flag of Russia Ilya Kovalchuk LW R 2001 Tver , Russia

18 Flag of Slovakia Marian Hossa – A RW L 2005 Stara Lubovna , Slovakia

19 Flag of Canada Scott Mellanby – C RW R 2004 Montreal , Quebec

20 Flag of Canada Steve Rucchin C L 2006 Thunder the Bay, Ontario

22 Flag of Canada Eric Belanger C L 2007 Sherbrooke , Quebec

23 Flag U.S. Jim Slater C/LW L 2002 Petoskey, Michigan

29 Flag on tiptoe of Canada Larsen LW L 2004 Nakusp, Columbia English

36 Flag of Canada Eric Boulton LW L 2005 Halifax , Nova Scotia

38 Flag of Canada Darren Haydar LW R 2006 Milton , Ontario

39 Flag of Finland Niko Kapanen C L 2006 Hämeenlinna , Finland


* To See the Thrashers’ pages of player, the click here.


captains of Team


* Kelly Buchberger, 1999-2000

* Steve Staios, 2000-01

* Ray Ferraro, 2001-02

* Shawn McEachern, 2002-05

* Scott Mellanby, 2005- presents


the Vestibule of Famers


* None


Retired the numbers


* 99 Wayne Gretzky, the number retired ties-wide Cornell hockey Atlanta Thrashers schedule February 6, 2000


the First-Round choices of turn


* 1999: Patrik Stefan (first general)

* 2000: Dany Heatley (2 general)

* 2001: Ilya Kovalchuk (first general)

* 2002: Kari Lehtonen (2 general) & Jim Slater (30 general)

* 2003: Braydon Coburn (8 general)

* 2004: Boris Valabik (10 general)

* 2005: Alex Bourret (16 general)

* 2006: Bryan Small (12 general)



The 2005-06 season saw the Thrashers earns a club-registration 41 play, still with numerous injuries of goaltending. Only a few minutes in the first play of the season, Lehtonen threw the groin, an injury that would maintain was it for a good portion of the season. The veteran one Mike Dunham of endorsement, a number-an experienced net supervisor, taken a step in, but also was wounded immediately only a few subsequent play; this left only prospects Michael Garnett and to Cornell hockey Atlanta Thrashers schedule Adam Berkhoel to have objection in the networks. The Protectors of the goalkeeper of the workman Steve were signed, but he was injured also inside ten play. April 6, Lehtonen was collides with by the Bay of Tampa Chris Dingman , it wounding but again. The remainder of the season was left to Dunham. Garnett was injured in a play against the Capitals of Washington. Dunham, that had begun the play but was alleviated by the inexperienced youth after the poor play, was forced behind in action in the third period.




The Thrashers can do very well the 2007 Cornell hockey Atlanta Thrashers schedule Ends of Stanley Cup. Hossa, Kovalchuk and forest Rangers of new York Jaromir Jagr have been competing recently for the NHL that lines crown.


For a complete general view of the Thrashers 2006-07 season, clicks here.


the colors of the Team and the pet




The team uncovered its logo official of the team simultaneously in an alive launch of Internet (a NHL first) and in the Center of CNN in Atlanta .



It introduced in 2003 as an alternate one, the team has since did it its home official Sweater (2006- presents).

It introduced in 2003 as an alternate one, the team has since did it its home official Sweater (2006- presents).

Far away Sweater (1999-2003); at home Sweater (2003-06).

Far away Sweater (1999-2003); at home Sweater (2003-06).

At home Sweater (1999-2003); the current far away (2003- presents).

At home Sweater (1999-2003); the current far away (2003- presents).


The present colors of the team are red, marine Cornell hockey Atlanta Thrashers schedule blue, blue ice, and of gold. In 2003, the NHL decided to change at home and the road Sweater. [1]


the Pet


Spree , a Thrasher Brown

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